Lana Vanderlee (2016-2018)

Post Doctoral Fellows
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Lana joined the lab in May 2016 as a CIHR Banting Postdoctoral Fellow. Lana has a PhD in Public Health from the University of Waterloo School of Public Health and Health Systems. Her PhD research examined the impact of menu labelling on food choices in the Canadian context, in addition to experimental research on the food labelling of packaged food. Overall, Lana is interested in the impact of food environment policy on health behaviours. Her current postdoctoral research seeks to identify and evaluate government and industry food environment policies compared to some of the best practices internationally, in collaboration with INFORMAS (International Network for Food and Obesity / non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support). This CIHR-funded project also examines the nexus between the private sector and public sector in the policymaking process. Lana has a strong interest in global health and international collaborations, and has worked in Bangladesh and Nepal in research and NGO settings.

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PhD Thesis: Examining the Impact of a Nutrition Labelling Program on Menus in a Cafeteria Setting