Local Food-EPI 2019

Comprehensive government policy action is needed to support a food environment that can contribute to healthy diets and improve health among all Canadians. Local or regional governments have the ability to implement innovative policies and influence higher level legislation.

This research aimed to evaluate policies and actions that three municipal governments are taking to create a healthier food environment in Ontario, and to prioritize areas for action to address current policy gaps.

Final Reports





City of Toronto










Region of Peel










City of Greater Sudbury


Evidence Documents

These documents summarize food environment policies in each jurisdiction, and have been verified to the extent possible by relevant government stakeholders and policy experts. 

City of Toronto Evidence Document

Region of Peel Evidence Document

City of Greater Sudbury Evidence Document



For additional information on the Local Food-EPI process, or for media inquiries, please contact Kimiya Karbasy (kimiya.karbasy@utoronto.ca) or Dr. Mary L’Abbé (mary.labbe@utoronto.ca). This research was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.