Anthea Christoforou (2017-2022)

Post Doctoral Fellows
MSB, Room 5368
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Anthea joined the L’abbe lab in September 2017 as Post Doctoral Fellow following the completion of her PhD within the department under the supervision of Professor Valerie Tarasuk. Her doctoral research aimed broadly to elucidate the determinants of discretionary nutrition related marketing in the Canadian food supply. During her doctoral tenure she was also a fellow in the CIHR Strategic Training Program in Public Health Policy. Her work within the L’Abbe Lab focused on characterizing the population health impacts of two Canadian food policies aimed at 1) reducing the sodium composition of prepackaged foods and 2) managing the voluntary addition of micronutrients in the food supply. Anthea has a strong interest in Global Heath, specifically international nutrition, stemming from her Masters degree in International Public Health from the University of Sydney and previous research at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Population Sodium Reduction at the George Institute for Global Health.