Jodi Bernstein (2014-2018)

PhD Students
MSB, Room 5368
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Jodi has a strong interest in public health nutrition stemming from her training as a Registered Dietitian and from her Masters degree in Public Health, specializing in community nutrition. Jodi joined the L’Abbe lab in September 2014 when she began her PhD under the supervision of Dr. L’Abbe. Her doctoral research focused on examining the sugars contents of Canadian prepackaged foods and the role that nutrition labelling can play in helping Canadians identify foods consistent with the WHO sugars intake guidelines. Most notably, as part of this work, Jodi developed an algorithm to estimate the free sugars contents of Canadian food and beverages. Additionally, Jodi worked on modelling the potential impact of systematic sugars reformulation strategies on Canadian intakes and associated health outcomes. She has several publications with Dr. L’Abbe.